Sam shares how her role as Marketing Executive doesn’t stop her spending time with her young family

The people behind sky posted on 20 Apr

“I feel really lucky that flexible working is supported. It’s allowed me to keep a really good work/life balance.”

Sky Careers

Name: Sam Sharma

Job Title: Database Marketing Executive

I’ve been at sky for 18 years and I’m also a Mum to two boys (16 and is 4). Yes – there’s 12 year age gap but I love it!

I returned to work 6 months after my eldest was born and found that I wasn’t getting to spend enough time with him, so I reduced my hours to finish at 3pm. Back in those days we didn’t have laptops and the technology simply didn’t allow us to work from home, but my manager at the time was very understanding and supportive of my decision. 

I now work full-time and if I need to, I can easily pick up work from home as if I were in the office. I feel really lucky that Sky support flexible working and it’s allowed me to keep a good work life balance. I can do the school-run and be there for bath time, spend some precious story-time with my son, and then log back on and pick up where I left off!